Photographer Exploring Salt Lake City The Set Up Salt Lake City, I love it. I’ve spent a lot more time in the city recently and I’m developing a huge appreciation for it; it has so many random little outlets to explore and everything is perfect for photography! It is a gorgeous city. I found a really cool place …

2015 was great! I loved being able to look back on my year and see now where I have come from then. As I am looking back I decided to pick what I felt was the best of my year. Enjoy. It was short this year, but next year it’s only gonna get better! Thank …


Alexa & Haley – Best-Friend Shoot


Best-Friend Shoot

Alexa (a good friend of mine) asked me to do a best friend shoot before she leaves for college again this year! The location that I chose was the same location I used before for an engagements session. But this time, instead of a muggy gray overcast we had lots and lots of SUN! It was gorgeous, I’m really taking a liking to the brighter color casts, as opposed to some darker tones which I have been so comfortable shooting. Last week here in UT we had lots of rain, and that made a few mud holes (which I luckily found my way into with my new shoes).

So I’m looking into buying a new camera, I first thought I was going to get 5D Mark II but now I am leaning more over to a 7D Mark II because of the newer autofocus system.. not that anyone besides you photographer friends of mine would actually care! But I care so I’m telling you anyway. Bahaha.

A_H-23 A_H-29 A_H-19 A_H-17

I don’t know if you went over to the engagement session post I linked to. But if you get a chance, go check it out! It really does show a different side of this whole location.

The bridges are basically becoming my newest obsession, there’s a ton of graffiti, and a river, and rocks… oh and it’s by a road so there’s tons of noise so it get’s super crazy! (I had people honking at me once, even though we weren’t even on the road)… which is probably a good thing… because… people on roads with cars going fast is a big bad idea.

My favorite part of this best-friend shoot was getting to know these two while shooting. The most challenging part as a photographer is getting to know who you are doing work for well enough to help show their own personality in the photos while directing the work yourself!  It’s hard work but that is really what makes it worth it! You make a lot of good connections with people, and their best sides really come out during a shoot!



The last shot of the day was of Alexa here. This sunset was gorgeous, and this shot shows so little of it! But that just means I have to go there again…  Which I might be doing really soon… who wants to go?


Did you love any of these shots in particular? Tell me why below!








Converse Shoes & Newlyweds Yes, you heard me right!  Converse shoes at a wedding! This couple gave me a last minute phone call this last weekend asking me to do a shoot for them at the Salt Lake City Capitol!  It was a beautiful, partly cloudy day, and they absolutely rocked it! (If you don’t know what …


The ability to do something that frightens one.
Strength in the face of pain or grief.
“If you could get up the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” – David Viscott  (American psychiatrist)
“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ― Coco Chanel (founder of Chanel)



I find it really hard to keep myself from speaking out. When it comes to speaking, I’ve learned for myself that having courage and being wrong is a lot better than being afraid and being dead right.  Wrongs can be righted, but unspoken truth will never be heard.

So when it comes to having courage, what is it that helps you to be courageous?  Is it an example?  An inspiring thought, a belief?  Share it with me below!

Also, what word do you want to see here next?  Also comment with suggestions below!

Be courageous my friends. 🙂

For more inspiring quotes on courage, go check out goodreads.com, HERE!