Hi, my name is Jordan, I’m a photographer and a student.  I was raised in Utah, and I love to share what I do!  I enjoy dancing, playing guitar, writing on my blog here, and going out to have a fun time!

I’ve been into photography since 2009.  My love for photography led me into club competitions all over Utah, working for a photo studio, and traveling with a paintball team covering their sports events!

One of my favorite things to take pictures of is paintball.

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I really enjoy sports photography in general, because it always tells a story! That doesn’t mean it’s easy though, because in most sports, you can’t just sit on the sidelines you have to get into the action. In paintball, you are allowed to be on the field in the middle of what’s going on.  This allows for way more interesting shots!  But it also means that you are in the middle of the “fight,” and yes, you get hit.


Part of a series

I was able to do all of these crazy things, because I played on the team as well, -yes, I played competitive paintball. That might seem kind of silly to most of you, but it opened up so many windows of opportunity and finds me always looking back to think about how much fun it really was for me!

My photography is not limited to paintball though, I do sports of all kinds.

I participated in a Utah Skills USA photography competition, I went to a regional qualifier and took first, which sent me to state!  At state I took 4th overall against 30+ other photographers!

That’s a good short summary of my photography career so far. I do hire out, and I love to shoot all types of photography.  I can do Events, Weddings, Couples, Engagements, Proposals, and Portraits. If you’d like to contact me to shoot for you, please fill out a form below!


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