Early 2016 in review – Model Shoots and Photography Adventures!

Early 2016 in review – Model Shoots and Photography Adventures!

The Year so Far

We are getting to the end of March! This year has been busy so far, and one of the most fun years for shooting for me! Here’s some work you’ve probably already seen.

Model Shoots

Amoriese (8 of 11)

I did a shoot for Westwood Sunglasses a few weeks ago and had Keitra Jane come shoot with us!


Random Photography

You probably have seen this one before if you follow my Instagram but if you haven’t I did some exploring at my school and found some nice gems to share.



I’ve done a lot of shoots for my friends. I haven’t tried to share them much, but I think you guys are special and have earned a treat, so.. (drum roll) Here you go!

My friend Carrie needed a picture of her pretty face for a business profile.


This bro below is my friend Bryan, he loves to shoot and is super creative! Go check out his Insta, it’s legit. Guaranteed a good follow. We drove out to Morgan county, and with some haphazard exploring, found a random burned church from the early 1900’s or late 1800’s. (All I know is that it is OLD)


Old Church
I have given it a bit of thought recently, that I might change this blog a bit, to write about my schooling, work, and life in general, and I will couple it with all of my photography adventures, what do you all think? Most of you came from my Facebook so comment there!



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